God is our Father…..

For the Ryder and VanderMooren Families….with love xo

Isaiah 41:10

“Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

God is our Father…

The heart is heavy and each breath leaves a sigh

Silent sobs, “Why oh why”

How does this happen, it all seems so unreal

It is hard to know how or what to feel

Yet the tears fall freely each day again 

And the nights are long, enduring the pain

God hears your cries 

And your deep sorrowful sighs

He listens carefully to your words unspoken 

From your heart that is broken

He lovingly bottles the innumerable tears

He knows your most deepest unimaginable fears

He sees you fall to your knees in grief

Seeking that precious loving relief

An answer is there, amongst all this pain

It is in His Almighty, Gracious and Holy Name

He is your Heavenly Father, the Giver of  life

He is there caring for you, in all this sorrow and strife

He promises to sustain you in this world He made

He does what He says, again and again

Each day anew, He comforts and gives you refuge,  from above

And cares for you with His tender, perfect love

He encircles you in His arms of peace

His eyes are upon you, long after your sorrows cease

He delivers His love with a measure so perfect and true

And knows your needs, before you do

His ears are open to each brokenhearted call

He knows His own, every one of them all

His care goes beyond what He perfectly does show

For He delights in loving you, beyond what you know

He holds you tightly in a grip that will prevail

Rest securely in His love, it cannot fail

Hold on to His righteous Hand that made you His own

And trust Him as He reigns on His Heavenly, Holy Throne

He will bind your wounds and heal your heart

He will keep you safe while you and your loved ones are apart

‘Til His Son, returns, on His great Day

Maranatha… come Lord Jesus, come, we pray……


A Winter’s Sunrise…..


A Winters Sunrise…..

Darkness of night slowly fading,

Heady warmth of sleep persuading

Fighting with the chilly bedroom air

Crisp cold morning; earnest prayer

Quickly finding the prized spot of the morn

The warmth of the heater is born

Warming fingers, hands and toes

The shivering slows

Watching the early sunlight dance across the skies

Hearing the sweet dawn call of the birds new cries

Stirring of children in the warmth of their bed

Coffee permeates, as the toaster with bread

Soft wake up words and pitter patter of feet

Flannelette hugs, the perfect winter morning greet

Tousled blonde hair and sleep filled eyes

The beautiful moments of a winters sunrise

Bitterly cold, yet warmer than can be

Thankful for everything God has given me

You are His……

For Jayden and his family….

You are His……


Precious child of His alone

Your life intricately and lovingly known

Woven like thread with thread

Nourished daily and spiritually fed

As the skies meet the ocean blue

God’s Son, shines perfect love on you

Every moment of every day

You are His in every way

He made you special, He made you strong

He taught you where you lovingly belong

In His presence, in His hands

It is His ways and His plans

Not ours oh Lord, not our will at all

But Yours alone, is the gentle trusted call

You are held

Through many sighs expelled

You are kept

Through innumerable tears wept

Every drop preserved in bottles by Him

They are precious,  filled to the brim

Overflowing with perfect loving care

By a Saviour who is always there

You are His, His alone

Worth more than any precious stone

His love for you is immeasurably true

For His image reflects beautifully in you

You are His in every way

Every moment of every day

Fears may overtake

In  heavy hearts that ache

And yet through it all again and again

Uncertainty like the falling rain

Abundant imploring calls ascending above

 Surrounding you with a wall of tender love

In those times when it all becomes too hard

And the way is rough and scarred

Your heart will cry out in grief

Yet God is always there, giving perfect loving relief

Before you know what you need

Without any words that plead

Holding and loving you through

Each day anew

As sure as the glorious sun sets

God does not forget

He will keep you under His wings

Sheltering you from the prevailing winds

That hiding place

In His hands, His grace

You are His, His alone

Perfectly and lovingly known

Every moment of every day

You are His, precious in every way……..


A Little Boys World…..

Happy Fathers Day to all  Dads….


A Little Boys World…..

= = = = =

His little hand reaches up high

His curly little head turns up to the sky

Seeking out that reassuring smile

“Come on little man, lets walk for a while”

His Daddy reaches down to meet

A small little hand so sweet

Side by side

Two steps inside one stride

Wandering off, to where only little boys know

That special place only Daddy’s can show…..

Safely Home…

~*~Safely Home~*~

Footsteps echo in the stillness of the morning air

Coats, jackets quietly swishing here and there

Silence, apart from a gentle whisper

All in company for the last earthly journey of a godly sister

A beloved wife and mother

A dear friend to another

Grey clouds cover the sun

A burial of a loved one

The breeze through the trees faintly blows

Gods Spirit and love softly flows

Amongst His saints all around

The Heavenly hosts abound

Can you hear them, can you tell?

And yet we do know them very well

The angels singing in the heavenly realm

Emotions overwhelm

The joyous homecoming of one of Gods own

She is now with Him safely home…….

In His Presence….

For family…… xo

In His Presence….

O Lord, You are my rock, my strength and stay

Help me to reach out to You, each and every day

I walk through these days, filled with a longing heart

I am Yours, You have set apart

The desert stretches out in front of me

I long for the streams of water and Your company

Your boundless sky reaches up to the heavens above

There You are, with Your immeasurable love

My eyes are weary, yet my heart is strong

For You show me where it is that I belong

In Your presence, before Your Throne

It is there, where I am never alone

My heart maybe heavy, yet my burden is light

For You carry me with Your incredible might

My ears may not hear all that You have said

But I know You have walked the path, that I now tread

My eyes may weep from this life of pain

Yet You have wiped them, every time again

You, O Lord, Your presence I seek

For You are strong, and I am weak

I know You will never leave me, for Your promises are true

Hold on to my hand, for I alone, cannot hold onto You….

Guiding Light……..

For my Auntie, Uncle and cousins and their families…….praying for you all unceasingly and may God sustain you through the coming days, weeks and months……xo

Guiding Light…..

Lift up your eyes, lift them high

Look up to the hills and past the heavy mountainous sigh

A light, a light shining there, way above

God’s unmistakable perfect tender love

He will light your path and guide your way

He will carry you when words are too hard to say

He will comfort you when tears freely flow

Taking you from the unfathomable depths below

And placing you in the presence of His holy throne

Where He will hear your inaudible groan

Your lips may not move but He does know

And so He inexhaustibly does show

The tender love He has for you

Promising to sustain you through

This time of uncertainty, heartache and pain

When tears flow like the falling rain

Murmuring lips and glistening eyes

Heavy hearts and sorrowful sighs

He knows it all, beyond and more

For you are His child He does adore

He will hold you and care for you with such perfect love

That nothing will happen without His direction from above

Not even one hair will fall from your head

He will care for you just as He has said

His ways you may not understand at all or ever

Yet you are in His tender loving Hands forever

Hold on to the promises and the words He has spoken

For it is His covenant that cannot be broken

He is your magnificent perfect loving God who came as a perfect man

He is your great High priest that felt the immense pain of Gods plan

He is your powerful Saviour that sympathises from His overflowing heart

For He suffered immeasurably so you may never be apart

“He is your light, your refuge and your salvation

He is your strength in all your tribulation

His goodness He will show to you each day

With His guiding light to show you His way

Take courage for His steadfast love is sure

Wait for the Lord; His mercy shall endure……”

psalm 27 & psalm 121


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