Consider It All Joy


James 1: 1 – 4

Consider It All Joy


It is not joy to suffer

Nor is it happiness to grieve

Joyful does not appear

When it’s difficult just to breathe

Nor is it found in the process

Of how we speak or think

For it slowly sifts away

As we teeter on the brink

How do we consider it all joy

In the trials that God allows?

How do we think and speak

After years that suffering clouts?

It isn’t in the ‘I must get over it’

Nor in the quickest fix

For it isn’t in what we do

To live in the joy and sorrow mix

Our suffering is in our trials

Within it He tests our faith

Where He gives us the endurance

And refines our every way

He leads us through the veil

Of endless days or years

With the hope of things to come

Through our grief, sorrow and tears

He gives us all we need

Patience, faithfulness and peace

As we ride the waves of emotion

In hope of His blessed relief

He faithfully does provide

For He loves us through our cares

And seeks to give us joy

In the promises He graciously shares


The Flower Fades



Isaiah 40

The Flower Fades


As beautiful as
The flower blooms
It fades away
Never too soon

As gentle as
The soft breeze blows
It quietly stills
Before we know

As bright as
The warm sun shines
It’s radiance remains
Into our night time

As wide as
The pounding ocean rolls
It stills and calms
When God calls

As twinkling as
All the stars faraway
They slowly dim
As God breaks the new day

As wet as
The tears that fall
God wipes away
Everyone of them all

As tired as
The aching heart
Of longing and waiting
And falling apart

As deep as
All sorrows pain
Walking in circles
And confusion remains

As good as
Our God is always
He is greater then
Our falling away

As amazing as
His undeserved grace
He is there
In our hiding place

For His grace is true
And his love is known
For us His children, He calls His own
No matter whether we feel He is there
He is deeply delivering His measure of perfect care


He Sustains

In our lives that are always changing, God never changes. He uses the changing in His creation, for us to see His unchangingness. He beautifully sustains us in these changes, so in our lives where the changes appear to be changingless, we can know, we are secure in Him.


The warmth of the sun’s light

Disappears into the night

Coldness of the evening sets in

The wondering mind begins

Inside the deep inky blue sky

Lingers all our questions of why

The changelessness in the changing

The doubting in the asking

From each new day that begins

And with every one that ends

Our changes are sheltered in His unchanging

Our promises are protected in His promising

Our sureness is safe in His surety

Our changelessness is secure in His security

As the day falls into the night

His sameness is in the changing light

As the dark night transforms into the day

His steadiness, steady’s our unsteady way

He settles our unsettled night

Breaking us into the new morning light

Opening our heavy eyes

Stepping us into a new day of why’s

Of changelessness in the changing

Gently showing, He does the sustaining

The Police Officer


The Police Officer

As he looked away
I knew what he saw
Was from another day
On the streets of society’s war
The distance in his eyes
The reaction in his sighs
Sitting just on the edge
Never falling from the ledge
Just balancing if you will
Leaning on that window sill
Looking out, with a deep thought stare
Another day, another burden to bear
Does he stay or does he go
It’s never his option though
He stays
To fight another day
To make a difference, just a bit
Decisions in seconds that split
His thoughts amongst colleagues known
In all the stories that have been sown
From real life
Of society’s war-torn strife
Everyday for 17 years, it has been
The acceptance of every new day unseen
Walking out the door each day
Will he return in the same way
Will he survive
Or will he return empty, but alive
The visions of the night scene
And the home fronts lacking fire screen
The depth of hopelessness
The grief and sadness
The anger, the frustration
The drug induced agitation
The battered, the broken
The screamer, the unspoken
The abuser, the user
The seller, the buyer
The hater, the crier
The children’s pariah
The wannabe cop killer
The untold many, drunk on liquor
The swearing, the spitting
The screaming of hairs splitting
Punched, kicked and king hit
The bottle of glass, who threw it
The threats
The down right disrespect
All on daily acceptance
On his honour and commitment
In the same way
The sirens echo in his head
While others sleep safely in their beds
The lights fill his deep dark eyes
Red and blue, no disguise
The visions go round and round
While others sleep deep and sound
I know he doesn’t forget
The lives touched by societies debt
He keeps them hidden inside his heart
And I accept that they always are a part
Of who he is and what he has done
For the better of society and everyone
Everyday, for life or death
Nothing more, nothing less


Thought Prayers

‘I prayed for you often in my thoughts today, just like every day, I hope you felt it.’


Thought Prayers

Imploring murmuring words untold
Gentle whispers in seeking souls
Echoing sounds of the rhythming heart
Sending shadows over sorrows part
Questing warmth in heavens soothing love
Appealing sweetest solace for the mourning dove
Lifting strands of deepest doubts
Removing pain that broken bodies clout
All not said with visions view
Nor noticed by the drop of mornings dew
Which falls from the edge of life’s gaping abyss
Sustained by this divine and precious heavenly kiss
Words of warriors whisper inside
To be felt,  for strength to be fortified
A moment carried, a moment fleeting
Repeated and repeated, petitioning and pleading
The softest imploring words untold
Silent gentle whispers of praying souls

The Silent Scream



The Silent Scream

Can you hear?
A voice not heard
Is crying
Out for help
They are dying

These little ones
Whose lives
They did not keep
Who will speak?

There is an echo here
Every year

Of eights of thousands
Crying still

The end of time
In recompense
By their Maker
The Author
Of life

Screams of silence
Who will stand
And speak
For every
To keep?

Stop the killing
Of the living

The silent
They scream
They are heard
Louder then ever

We will continue
To stand
For their life
From God’s Hand

As Tomorrow Begins


As Tomorrow Begins

Today is over and tomorrow begins
Our hearts are full and our hands with things
We slip into bed at the end of this day
Relishing in the beauty of Gods love, His way
The sweet little kisses and adult hugs
The teen that shyly smiles, with an unsure shrug
The home made cards and words, that carry more
Of the love for a mother, her children adore
It is in this moment of late, night time peace
In the quiet, where the busyness of the day, cease
A recollection of all that has been given in pure grace
There is a another mother, in another loving place
Who’s arms are empty and her heart is yearning
For a loved one who has finished their life’s journey
Or has left and not returned
For brighter and better, in worldly terms
It is today again, she has kissed the lips of grief
And it is in her prayers, she seeks grace for relief
Yet her arms are empty and her ears longingly seek
To hear the voice of those sweet words, that speak
Of the love that was shared and easily shown
From the sweetest little one to the adult grown
Her eyes are not far from a desire to weep
As she closes them and hopes for sleep
Together, in prayer, this night and each one ahead
Tears of sadness and joy are readily shed
A mothers love; she gives unconditionally
Received from God, quietly and graciously
No matter the day, the month or the year
In sunny days or skies that are dark and unclear
She lives in faith, hope and trust
On her God who is loving, true and just
Today may be over and tomorrow about to begin
Our hearts may be overflowing and hands full of things
But it counts for nothing if we take all this without love
For the other mother, whose eyes are longingly, looking to God above
It is without a doubt, her lips, have kissed grief yet again
On this Mothers day of love, joy heartache and pain