The Year That Has Been…..

Blessings for 2016 xo


The Year That Has Been….

If we wrote a letter a year ago

To prepare ourselves for this year, that we now know

About the year we have just lived and all that has been

What was felt and what was seen

What was imagined and what was real

What was hidden and what was revealed

The knowing of what is known now

Of each day and it’s beauty, that was shown somehow

Yet sadly, not always able to be seen

Although we know now it was there, for what the year has been

Our hearts that were full, more full than can be

Also ached much deeper, than the depth, of deeply

Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows

Through endless struggles that sin and self-reliance sows

Through the heartache of grief and heavy unending sighs

Through tears that crept to edges of weary eyes

Grieving with one another

Sharing songs of praise with the other

Hugs of glee for joyous blessings felt

Or those for encouragement, that disappointments dealt

The delightful happiness of dreams fulfilled

The hearts desire given and promises sealed

Or the mundane and melancholy moments of weeks and days

Or feeling on edge and nervous tension frayed

Misunderstandings, jealousy, uncaring words and thoughts

And the forgiveness, each day, that God graciously brought

What words would we write to ourselves today

What would we tell ourselves and what would we say

Through the halting prayers and the sin that divides

This letter and it’s contents, God decides

God is the author, the Writer, He holds it all

From the tallest of tall to the smallest of small

The oldest, the youngest, the strongest and weak

The forgotten, the heard, the unnoticed that seek

The sick, the broken, the happy, the healed

The contented, the one whose soul does not yet yield

He is the God, who graciously and sovereignly rules

In His Hands, He reaches and persistently calls

He prepares the way for each step that is taken

He stands firm when we are deeply shaken

Shaken from the safety of our own built lives

Exposed and raw, we in turn, to God, rely

Our trust is in Him, for it is in all that He is

His grace, mercy and truth, He lovingly gives

In all the realness of a broken and contrite life

God is there amongst all our joy, sorrow and strife

Through His word He has spoken and His promises true

Reflect on the depth of His love, each day anew….

A life of peaceful godliness, led by the King of Kings

As one year is ending and another begins…….

Tears are Precious…..


Collection of Tears 

There you sat under the trees
Cross legged with a book open on your knees
A blanket all scrunched up around your feet
With your toes peeking out for the sun to greet
The weeping branches and the gentle wind
Saw me seeing you sitting there quietly again
With shoulders bent and your hands clasped
I wondered what was touching your precious heart
I walked on over and knelt down
You opened your eyes and your face had a frown
With glistening eyes and a defiant wipe,
“I’m not crying,” was your quick weak snipe
I could see you fighting those tears back
And I touched your arm and I felt it retract
I softly placed my hand under your chin
And lifted it for you to face me again,
“It really is okay you know,
Crying is a beautiful way to show,
That you care
It expresses the pain in your heart that you cannot bear.”
You nodded your head
I knew I had to continue to speak instead
Your eyes filled up and you gave a little shrug
So I sat down next to you and gave you a hug
And so I continued on in gentle words spoken
For I knew your heart was in pieces and broken
“Your tears are precious to God you know
They are something that He wants us to share and show
When our hearts ache and words are too hard to say
Our tears are our prayers that make their way
They make their way to our God for He collects every single one
And His work is never finished or never done
He has them in bottles filled to the brim
They are so very precious and cherished by Him”
The wind gently folded itself around us as we were sitting
And the sun moved its warmth permitting
And so we could feel and know that God was there
Collecting, at that very moment, our tears of prayer……

Psalm 56:8

“You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle.
Are they not in your book?”

His Little Lamb…..

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.”~ Isaiah 40:11

For a little girl and her family who are on many hearts and are being lovingly held up by a wall of prayer


His Little Lamb….

This precious little lamb is God’s alone

He cares for her deeply, for she is His own

He guides her and keeps her in His love

And surrounds her with His heavenly hosts from above

He has blessed her parents with His precious child

And melts their hearts with her sweet little smile

He gives them love without measure

To raise this little lamb as His treasure

He grants protection that is fierce and strong

So they can lead and show her where she belongs

Her sweet little voice does praise and sing

As they guide her heart to love her glorious King

They know she is His princess, sweet and bold

More precious than anything bought with silver or gold

They teach her to love Him, with her heart so sweet

Perfected in His love, He does complete

He carries her gently and will never let her go

She trusts Him dearly, for the Bible tells her so

This child’s trust comes from Him alone

For she is His and she is intricately known

He gathers this little lamb into His arms

And covers her pain and protects her from harm

He holds her tenderly through her tears

And rocks away her deepest, unimaginable fears

His perfect love for her He does bestow

For He gave her parents that He surely does know

He uses them mightily and continues still

As they imitate His love and accept His perfect will

He shows them unceasingly that He is always there

Everlasting and complete, with His Sovereign and loving care

He blesses them with His grace, now more than ever

For they love Him dearly and their precious little lamb, forever……


A Mother’s Love….


Mothers Day 2015

For all mums, but especially my own……

A Mothers Love….

It is in the hugs, it is in the dishes,
It is in the scraped knees and fairy wishes,
It is in the aching, it is in the laughter,
For her love will remain forever after,
It is in her eyes where her love is shown,
And in the tiredness that goes to the bone,
It is in the smiles, it is in the fights,
It is in that one last kiss good night,
It is in her soft touch and quiet sighs
And the uncanny ability to answer all the whys,
It is in her gentle words spoken
When love for one another is broken,
It is in the mountainous washing pile
And in the teenage bedrooms that have their own style,
It is in her patience it is in her strength,
For her love has no limit and goes to great length,
She is that soft spot when life gets rough,
For it is in her love to be gentle and tough,
She is worth more than rubies and gifts so rare,
For her quiet strength comes from God in prayer


An old Soldiers March…..


Anzac Day ~ 25th April

An old Soldiers March

Deep dark eyes look ahead, distant and faraway
Legs marching, not quite like yesterday
A slight limp and his gait a little slow
Nothing hides the honour that he quietly does show
A proud red poppy graces his dark woollen coat
The old soldier wipes his eyes and clears his thickened throat
The back of his weathered hand brushes past his brow
And he ponders about the life that is happening now
His boots hit the pavement as he marches along
‘A beautiful day,’ he thinks, ‘for this somber yet cheerful throng’
Across his chest where the poppy is pinned
Are his medals that cause his heart to twinge
And as he looks over and sees the crowd
His hand lifts and slowly waves around
Wearily his eyes catch the colours so bold
Flags of red, white and blue with the stars that told
A story from his many days before
In that battle, that men, call a war
‘I wonder,’ he thinks as he tries to keep up the pace
And wipes another tear from his weathered face
‘Do they know what it is to give, 
When all one wants to do, is live’
His legs keep marching, step by step
His thoughts go back to that heavy debt
Of the lives given for the freedom achieved
And his mind wanders to the war that was fought overseas
In trench and field
In horror camps that yield
The last breath of man
‘Is this the final year, ‘ he wonders, ‘that I march this land?’
He smells the air and hears the cries
He remembers the hands he held through their last sighs
He would rather block out the screams that filled the air
After bullets and bombs dealt their ugly disfigured share
He remembers with unspeakable sadness of those days
Never avoiding the ache, nor the pain, recalled in so many ways
They were his mates and comrades of years gone by
Yet it feels like yesterday and why?
His feet are like lead and he knows the end is near
But he looks forward to the next year
Where he hopes to return and march again
For it his here that he remembers the fallen and slain
Not just for the sadness but for the courage and strength
Numerous boys and men, went to such great length
To fight for the freedom won for today
He knows this day is needed in every way
A day to honour and day to recall
A day to be thankful to Him who rules over all
His feet stop marching and he looks to his right
And smiles at the face, so youthful and bright
A soft hand reaches over and guides him to his seat
‘Grandad,’ she whispers proudly ‘You didn’t miss a beat’


For the immense grief affecting our Albany congregations at present…….. in particular the family Eikelboom and Louw and friends…… their sorrow xo

“Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence,
so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in
our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16


In need of comfort, in need of peace,

Sorrows pile up and double increase.

The sun has disappeared  and the sky ‘s a dark grey,

The rain falls increasingly, day after day.

Brightness has turned and darkness is fighting to remain,

The heart is shattered all over again.

A cry from the broken-hearted is quietly heard,

The aching bruised reed and the whimpering bird.

All loved deeply through this sorrow and pain,

By a Saviour who did not die on the cross in vain,

And a God whose Grace is sufficient and true,

 His Spirit showers love on everyone of you.

When feet won’t move and words are too hard to say,

God will make, a perfect way,

When hearts ache and you don’t know what to do,

God is there, He comes to you.

He comes with the light from the saving cross,

He too, is saddened, by this devastating loss.

Unable to see or feel God is there,

Know with assurance you are in His perfect loving care.

His comfort is endless and His peace will always remain,

Causing the sunshine to reflect through the falling rain,

Promising to hold you each day anew,

Moment by moment guiding you through.

Trust in the power of heavens complete love,

His saving Grace is yours from above.

A Grace that takes care of all the many doubts

No matter how loud contrary shouts,

With certainty  and confidence you can be sure

It is only in His Grace that makes us pure……

God is our Father…..

For the Ryder and VanderMooren Families….with love xo

Isaiah 41:10

“Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

God is our Father…

The heart is heavy and each breath leaves a sigh

Silent sobs, “Why oh why”

How does this happen, it all seems so unreal

It is hard to know how or what to feel

Yet the tears fall freely each day again 

And the nights are long, enduring the pain

God hears your cries 

And your deep sorrowful sighs

He listens carefully to your words unspoken 

From your heart that is broken

He lovingly bottles the innumerable tears

He knows your most deepest unimaginable fears

He sees you fall to your knees in grief

Seeking that precious loving relief

An answer is there, amongst all this pain

It is in His Almighty, Gracious and Holy Name

He is your Heavenly Father, the Giver of  life

He is there caring for you, in all this sorrow and strife

He promises to sustain you in this world He made

He does what He says, again and again

Each day anew, He comforts and gives you refuge,  from above

And cares for you with His tender, perfect love

He encircles you in His arms of peace

His eyes are upon you, long after your sorrows cease

He delivers His love with a measure so perfect and true

And knows your needs, before you do

His ears are open to each brokenhearted call

He knows His own, every one of them all

His care goes beyond what He perfectly does show

For He delights in loving you, beyond what you know

He holds you tightly in a grip that will prevail

Rest securely in His love, it cannot fail

Hold on to His righteous Hand that made you His own

And trust Him as He reigns on His Heavenly, Holy Throne

He will bind your wounds and heal your heart

He will keep you safe while you and your loved ones are apart

‘Til His Son, returns, on His great Day

Maranatha… come Lord Jesus, come, we pray……



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