A Love Already There


“Happy Mothers Day”


Every year I get asked in the same way,

“What would you like for Mothers Day?”

Each year my answer never changes,

“Good kids and happy little faces.”

Their eyes roll and they shake their head,

“Really Mum, that’s how we always get out of bed.

How about something different, something sweet,

Something that is really a little treat.”

Each time I just smiled, I really understood,

‘Cos I remembered my own childhood,

I loved the day of sharing in my Mothers love,

A love that was sent from God above,

Showing her especially then,

And each year again,

That she meant the world,

Growing up being her little girl,

Now a Mum all of my own,

I see the faces and anticipation well known,

The eagerness of their love to give,

In the God given life they live,

A time to deliberately share,

The love that is seen and already there.

From mother to child and child to mother,

A beautiful day to celebrate that love for each other.

The Cry of the Heart


The cry of the heart

Our hearts cry, it cries deep from within
From within a life full of sin
It cries out in words unspoken
For a world that is sinful and broken
It sobs, it wrestles, it seeks to understand
Searching for a trace of our Gods loving Hand
Looking for anything to make sense of it all
Whispering in sorrowful heavenly calls
Our hearts cry, it cries deep from within
At the revelation of the depth our own deepest sin
The finger points furthest into the heart of our own
Where sin is planted and deeply sown
And it cries much, for what keeps us away
From our God who asks us to love Him, His way
A way that we find hard to keep
And so our heart does cry and weep
Yet God loves us through our sinful grief
And perfectly directs His immeasurable relief
His patience is long-suffering and His love is more
As He comforts our hearts just like before
Each day He is there, doing the same
Loving and caring though our own guilt and shame
And yet our heart cries, it cries from the depth of our soul
The deepest cry that only our God can console
That cry only our God can calm
A cry that only subsides in a heavenly Palm
A Palm that carries truth and love
With justice and mercy from heaven above
For His will is done, His might is known
His love is immeasurable for us, His own
His own He calls, ‘beloved and mine,’
Through a perfect Being, His Son, divine.

It Happens Then…..

This was written 4 years ago and with much that is happening amongst our friends and each other’s families at present I thought it might be nice to read the comfort of these words again. God bless Xx

Coleliz ~*Cherished Reflections*~

Psalm 130:1 “Out of the depths I have cried to You, O Lord;”

For the much sadness that has affected the lives of many in the past few days…..May God constantly turn your face until you see His face as clear as the sun.


It Happens Then….

What happens when your life has become too hard to face

And God appears to be withholding His grace

What happens when you feel so alone

When its too hard to see God calling you His own

What happens when you know the truth of it all

Yet you can’t hear God answer when you call

What happens when praying is all too hard

When you look at your life that has been horribly scarred

What happens when you don’t feel a thing

When you should feel like a prince ‘cos God’s your King

What happens when all you can do is…

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This Soldier, A Man…..


= Anzac Day 2016 =

This Soldier, A Man

The moist air and the night sky lightening from dark
Morning promises with the distant call of a mudlark
Clouds covering the moon, people quietly walking along
Rain sprinkles lightly on this pre-dawn throng
Dampness is etched on faces all around
Murmuring is heard from gentle calm whispering sounds
Standing, waiting, patiently and still
In this peaceful life, where we so easily do, as we will
There a soldier stands amongst the crowd
In his neatly pressed uniform and shiny boots that allowed
A presence, an honour given and rightfully so
But really how much is real and how much is it show
For in the distance, in a another land not too far away
Sits a soldier in the dim light of the ending of another day
His uniform dirty, bloodied and crumpled even more
His boots covered in dried mud from days of war
Exhausted and spent with weary arms and legs
He lifts his canteen to his mouth for the last watery dregs
He is tired, tireder then he ever imagined he could be
Closing his eyes he wishes away the hideous strong memories
His shoulders slump, his hands carrying the weight of his head
A shiver courses through his body, and his mind fills with dread
He is a soldier trained to deal with wartime messes
Of combat and battles and strategies, assesses
Sees with eyes, a life that one should never see
A magnitude that comprehension unceasingly does flee
And so, what day is it, what month or year?
What time, what place, is he really here?
A lifetime ago and a few days more
He was living a life that was not someone else’s war
Walking in rain and hearing birds sing
Instead now treading through the heat, dust and hearing bullets ring
Awake in the dark with the risk of ‘sleeping’ in the day
Not much rest for this soldiers minds raceway
A mind filled with horror and atrocities no one else should see
Living a life that shouldn’t and couldn’t be
To make sense of it, is not possible to do
And so each day continues with nothing anew
So, how does the wars of man leave a mind unscarred?
And how does it leave the life of a soldier unmarred?
It doesn’t, it comes with its casualties of mind, body and soul
And the neatly pressed uniform hides the truth to behold
The mental anguish and mind games remain
And the shiny black boots reflect this permanent pain
The toll is huge, and its grief unmeasured
For a previous life lived, uncomplicated and treasured
With spirits broken and body’s torn and bent
Returning a different person that was sent
From fighting a battle only evil began
This soldier, a war, this life of a man

A Love like no Other


A Love like no Other
It’s not easy to understand this true story of old
The one about our Saviour who was denied and sold
Nailed to the cross and abandoned by His own
Shunned and questioned and left all alone
Too often we fail to see the depth of the truth
The magnitude of the pain and the torment by the uncouth
The accusations with no merit and the lies upon lies
To destroy this Man that came to save our lives
Flogged and beaten, tormented and shamed
Spat on, accused, ridiculed with earthly fame
On a donkey He rode, He wore a crown of thorns
And the suffering He endured in horrid forms
For a desperate thirty pieces of silver and more
He wept and hurt to His very core
By those who He came to save
To save them from their own sins and lives of pain
To elevate them to lustrous heavenly fame
Reconcile, redemption, to a reinstated position
All through the agony of this requisition
His perfect obedience was shown
For into the depths of hell, no God, all alone
His life was not taken, He deliberately gave it up
And received the punishment from the deadly bitter cup
The punishment for our sins that runs so deep
Which grows bigger each day, heap by heap
It is the undeserving truth, of this story of old
Our greatest Friend, whose sufferings were foretold
Who understands our hurts deeper than we could ever know
For He has walked the painful earthly paths and knows the grief it does bestow
From the sinfulness of life and the pain it delivers
He has waded through the depth of these raging rivers
All the while, obedient, knowing His faithful Father above
Was delivering His perfect measure of precious love
A love like no other with a deeper meaning of old
His story of suffering is ours to behold
For He knows intricately our heartfelt cries
He himself shares in our silent, heavy, unending painful sighs
For always, for now and for eternity to come
He is Our Saviour, our truest Friend…..Gods only Son

The Year That Has Been…..

Blessings for 2016 xo


The Year That Has Been….

If we wrote a letter a year ago

To prepare ourselves for this year, that we now know

About the year we have just lived and all that has been

What was felt and what was seen

What was imagined and what was real

What was hidden and what was revealed

The knowing of what is known now

Of each day and it’s beauty, that was shown somehow

Yet sadly, not always able to be seen

Although we know now it was there, for what the year has been

Our hearts that were full, more full than can be

Also ached much deeper, than the depth, of deeply

Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows

Through endless struggles that sin and self-reliance sows

Through the heartache of grief and heavy unending sighs

Through tears that crept to edges of weary eyes

Grieving with one another

Sharing songs of praise with the other

Hugs of glee for joyous blessings felt

Or those for encouragement, that disappointments dealt

The delightful happiness of dreams fulfilled

The hearts desire given and promises sealed

Or the mundane and melancholy moments of weeks and days

Or feeling on edge and nervous tension frayed

Misunderstandings, jealousy, uncaring words and thoughts

And the forgiveness, each day, that God graciously brought

What words would we write to ourselves today

What would we tell ourselves and what would we say

Through the halting prayers and the sin that divides

This letter and it’s contents, God decides

God is the author, the Writer, He holds it all

From the tallest of tall to the smallest of small

The oldest, the youngest, the strongest and weak

The forgotten, the heard, the unnoticed that seek

The sick, the broken, the happy, the healed

The contented, the one whose soul does not yet yield

He is the God, who graciously and sovereignly rules

In His Hands, He reaches and persistently calls

He prepares the way for each step that is taken

He stands firm when we are deeply shaken

Shaken from the safety of our own built lives

Exposed and raw, we in turn, to God, rely

Our trust is in Him, for it is in all that He is

His grace, mercy and truth, He lovingly gives

In all the realness of a broken and contrite life

God is there amongst all our joy, sorrow and strife

Through His word He has spoken and His promises true

Reflect on the depth of His love, each day anew….

A life of peaceful godliness, led by the King of Kings

As one year is ending and another begins…….

Tears are Precious…..


Collection of Tears 

There you sat under the trees
Cross legged with a book open on your knees
A blanket all scrunched up around your feet
With your toes peeking out for the sun to greet
The weeping branches and the gentle wind
Saw me seeing you sitting there quietly again
With shoulders bent and your hands clasped
I wondered what was touching your precious heart
I walked on over and knelt down
You opened your eyes and your face had a frown
With glistening eyes and a defiant wipe,
“I’m not crying,” was your quick weak snipe
I could see you fighting those tears back
And I touched your arm and I felt it retract
I softly placed my hand under your chin
And lifted it for you to face me again,
“It really is okay you know,
Crying is a beautiful way to show,
That you care
It expresses the pain in your heart that you cannot bear.”
You nodded your head
I knew I had to continue to speak instead
Your eyes filled up and you gave a little shrug
So I sat down next to you and gave you a hug
And so I continued on in gentle words spoken
For I knew your heart was in pieces and broken
“Your tears are precious to God you know
They are something that He wants us to share and show
When our hearts ache and words are too hard to say
Our tears are our prayers that make their way
They make their way to our God for He collects every single one
And His work is never finished or never done
He has them in bottles filled to the brim
They are so very precious and cherished by Him”
The wind gently folded itself around us as we were sitting
And the sun moved its warmth permitting
And so we could feel and know that God was there
Collecting, at that very moment, our tears of prayer……

Psalm 56:8

“You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle.
Are they not in your book?”


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