Eternity Sings


The clouds were thick, dark and oppressing

Carrying the worlds truths, expressing

The rain clouds spat and slowly splattered

The sun that day, never mattered

It remained unseen

Just like the last unnumbered days that had been

Dark, dreary, cold and wet

Another upon another of worldly debt

Nothing to bring

And nothing able to win

Where is eternity?

And the life of perfectly?

The heavy clouds hang in the air

As oppression hits the face, fair and square

The heart seems to know, just only one way

And the mouth expresses different words to say

The contradiction

Of this worlds sinful affliction

But our God didn’t change at the fall

He promises eternity to all

An eternity that perfection sings

Or an eternity that only sorrow brings

Imperfection surrounds the heart

Which lies to our own built perfection, as works of art

Pretend, pretend and pretend some more

The sun hasn’t gone, let’s paint it on the floor

Hang it on our doors and walls

And it’s fake rays will hit our monetary household halls

Let’s hide the depth of our depravity

And keep this ‘truth’, far from reality

Imperfection in perceived perfection doesn’t fit

For the dark sinful grey skies just don’t quit

And the heaviness of the truth is always there

Whether we care to know or care to share

Where, what, why and how,

So where do we go to, from now?

Our perfection lies in the depths of within

In this messy dark world of sin upon sin

Covered by glorious amazing saving grace

Intertwined and intricate as delicate lace

It is precious with the sweetest soulful strains

Inside the torrential dark skies that rain

We can hear and we can know

The sun doesn’t need to shine nor show

The melody is written in our hearts

It’s tune is engraved for us to impart

The truth, the imperfect life of reality

We need to share the realness of this depravity

For eternity sake and it’s sweet strains that sing

So we can take flight on the Majestic Eagle’s wings


Still Holding Hands

22nd February 1992

Still holding hands…..

It was a beautiful February day

It was warm, they say

But not as warm as it could have been

It was perfect, a perfect earthly scene

Our wedding, 25 years ago

The day where our love was aglow

Holding hands 

Walking back up the aisle and into our plans 

Thinking back, I did not ever

Have any doubts, it was to be forever

Never more in love, never less in love

Blessed by our God above

The day of light, love and joy

Dreams and in love with this man, who was really just a boy

Me, a young girl who loved and was loved more

Excited for the years ahead, together, to explore

And so the days and months began

With the years falling into the span

How does one count those years from the wedding day

How does one see and know what to really say

The perfection and the ideals of how it was to be

Was nothing like the reality

It was better than imagined and worse then thought

It was harder but more beautiful than what was sought

A greater gift than the heart desired

In spite of the weaknesses and the days and weeks of beyond being tired

The exhaustion resulted in the loveless words that were said

The cross and hurt hearts and heads, that bled

God held us and showed where we were to go

Forgive, forgive and He never let us go

So here we stand 

Still holding hands

Through the laughter, the sorrow, the joy and the fears

In the heartache and days of not really wanting to see through the tears

As lifes brokeness and sorrows that quickly catch up

And the heart that said, this is all too much

God held

And we expelled

We breathed 

And He said, follow Me

And so we hold hands and continue on

Praising His name in heart and song

Walking along the path He leads

Supplying us with all our needs

For it is in the soft words spoken

Mending what was broken

It is the morning cup of tea, that sweetness always brings

And in the, I love you, when the phone beeps or rings

It is knowing what the other thinks 

Just by how the mouth moves or how the eyes blink

It is always in the humour and the soft gentle touch

Knowing before the pesting becomes too much

It is in the hugs and in the kisses

In the days and years being called, ‘Boss and Missus.’

We count these 25 years 

Through our joy, sorrow and tears

For we have been blessed beyond what we know

As our God reveals Himself to us daily, since that day, 25 years ago

We number those years, one by one

In the joy of children and all their love and fun

We place the years in order through our mistakes 

As we learned and loved through all the heartaches

We count them, in the unending, of forgiving one another

Knowing left to ourselves, what we would rather

We were held in the sorrow, of love and life taken

We were never forsaken

Blessings were showered on us each day again

More then we could count or explain

But most of all, we add the years up, in who God is and what He has done

For He used our faults and weakness, for His glory, through His Son

All undeserving grace, we know without a doubt

For we still delight in reaching out

Looking ahead and into Gods plans

Side by side, holding hands

1 John 4:19

“We love, because He first loved us.”

A New Day, A New Year


Happy New Year

Sitting quietly outside just now
Thinking, breathing and wondering how
Another year is ending and new one to begin
Thoughts of all that has happened and all that has been
The momentous occasions and the sad farewells
The times of joy where our hearts did swell
In gladness
Or in tears of sadness
In recollection and thought
What is it that really matters of this year that has brought?
For the wind is blowing gently and the trees rustle and sway
The sky is a beautiful blue for 2016’s last day
The year then wraps itself around me
In silent thoughts and words exclaimed
Loving actions and looks exchanged
Living, sleeping and working till
Another day ends and a week as well
One day after the other, grace abounds
In action, in words and in the Creation sounds
In all the usual that each day brought
The specialness remains of loved ones sought
Times spent together
In simple chatter
Reconnecting after being alone
And in the embrace of, ‘welcome home’
It is the laughter
And in the love forever after
Always in the tears, and the uncertain fears
In the encouraging words of, ‘you are doing fine,
Placing God first every time.’
And so here we are, a few hours away
From the beginning of another new day
Significant as it is, it is a new year
Full of anticipation and days unclear
Yet it is firstly, one new day ahead
To share the depth of simple, instead
The depth of love, of our Fathers grace
In action, in words, not any special place
He needed no crib, a manger was enough
No fancy hotel or fancy stuff
This coming year is no different, it is about Him and His love
As He showers us with His grace from above
And faithfully we know, He will continue on
For He promises this, through His Son
And so we face the new year in unwavering faith
Knowing He will provide us simply, with His undeserving grace

Seasons of Life

This piece was specifically written for the Womens League Magazine


Seasons of Life

Our life comes in seasons

For all different reasons

Surrounded by those we love

Sent and ordained by our God above

It is in each season as we walk with Him

He gives us opportunities to fill our souls to the brim

Of who He is and what He has done

In the work of His precious and only Son

Who died on the cross for you and me

And so removed the sin and its slavery

A thankful heart is what He gives

And so we seek Him daily, the One, who in eternity lives

We desire to start our day with God alone

For we know He is ruling from His heavenly throne

So when our children are young, and at times it is too hard to keep

Quiet time with God, amongst the never-ending washing heap

Or it’s impossible to get up early after walking the floor

With a baby whose tummy that didn’t settle till four

Or teenagers that require your undivided attention

Knowing it matters because it has taken them so long to mention

You are what they need right now

To explain Gods why and how

Life happens and God knows

He sees and hears and then gently shows

That time with Him is sometimes in deliberate reading

And other times in desperate heartfelt pleading

It’s in the thought prayers that ascend every minute of every day

Talking to Him, searching and understanding that it is His will and way

It is in the early morning walking prayers that ascend

And the late nights that seem to never end

It is in the visits and love shown

With our parents and friends as they grow old or alone

We love our God and spend time with Him each day

As we serve our family in His every way

No matter the circumstance of the life we lead

The biggest blessing is to know we need

Our God, our Father each and every day

In the sunshine and dark skies of life’s busy way

Amongst the melancholy grey day skies, there is always light,

Which reflects the falling rain, in colours so bright,

The sun shines from behind to remind us of where we have been,

And the dark rainy skies keep the days ahead, hidden and unseen,

It is then that the colour of the rainbow arches across a dark uncertain future sky,

To remind us of Gods promises that softens the very questions of why.

There is no need to worry, or be concerned,

For we know, He knows, all that our heart and soul does yearn

So with an open Bible in every season of life,

Through joyful joys and earthly strife

We can know God is speaking to us with His peace and love

And we can then rest, for He is governing perfectly from above


My Strength


For Leonie…..xo

My Strength……

No need to be brave, no need to be strong
I only need to know, to whom I belong
I belong to my God, who made heaven and earth
He is the one who knows me, even before my birth
He knows me deeper, then I do myself
And draws me closer, each moment to Himself
He gave me the faith, to trust in Him
No matter where my life is going or where it has been
He keeps my eyes open, on who He is
And guides my heart fully, to trust, in all of this
Yet when I am blinded by the flow of tears
When my soul aches for the coming years
And when my body searches for the relief of pain
And my mind wonders, how is all this gain?
I know the Lord will remind me, who I am each time
For I am His and He is mine
He is my strength, my light and my salvation
He is the one who loves me, with perfect continuation
I don’t need to be brave, I don’t need to be strong
For I know my strength comes from Him, to whom I belong

re-publish from six years ago

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This piece was written 6 years ago here:  Unchanging….after the 2010 elections. The words are just as apt for today, after the 2016 Federal Elections


In this day and age of uncertainty,

Man depends on man for security.

Much changes

In the ages.

Seasons come, seasons go,

Earthly life does ebb and flow.

From giving birth,

To leaving this earth,

From worldly gain,

To human pain.

The slow death of these earthly grounds,

Its aging utters groaning sounds.

As this earth grows old,

Men are becoming increasingly bold,

Of self-sufficiency; no need to depend,

Not needing God, is the ultimate end.

Men come, men go,

The unrelenting changes of life’s flow.

It makes you breathless

With the ability to leave you anxious.

Seeking for what is unchanging,

Looking for what is enduring.

How precious it is to know of the One,

In this earthly life of the dulling sun.

How sweet it is our refuge we find

Where we can leave all this changing behind.

For in Him we have complete security,

In His promises we have firm stability.

His power, His wisdom, His justice, His truth,

His love He has shown since the earth’s youth.

Never changing,

Never ending,

Everlasting love,

Reigning from heaven above.

In full control of all things,

Quieting of the soul this brings.

Knowing that nothing happens unforeseen,

In what is to come or has been.

As we walk on this temporary earthly abode,

We take comfort in the unchanging love God has bestowed,

On His children here on earth everyday,

Relieving them of utter dismay.

How dear it is for us to know

He patiently and graciously does show…

That He is the same from eternity past

And so….in future eternity He will perfectly last…

He Knows….

love and prayers for the many loved ones we know, who are faced with sickness and pain


He Knows

God knows you, He knows you today
He knows, for He also knew you yesterday
He knows you tomorrow and forever more
He knew you longer then forever before
Before the world began,
Already then you were in His loving plan
He knew then and had your life set out
Knowing you will be facing times of difficulty and doubt
These times of sickness, tears and pain
With the knowledge that your trust in Him, may wonder and wane
He knows, He cares
He is there
He is sustaining you though all the many ascending prayers
His protection, His help, His love and care, as everyday before
Will carry you in this broken world of bodily war
He made you, you are His child, the one He calls His own
Knitted perfectly together to ultimately sit before His throne
He made you and gave you the life you lead
Blessed you with love, faith and family
He has always showered you daily from above
And provided you with His grace and perfect love
In the uncertain days of tomorrow, this will not sever
It can never change, for He promises this forever
For He knows you, He knows you today
And He will know you tomorrow, in exactly the same way
For you are His beloved, His well-favoured treasure
Whom He graciously delights, in loving with perfect measure

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